Apiary Technicians/Apiary Workers

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$ 12.03


Apiary Technicians/Apiary Workers required for mid-March to mid-November 2018. Duties including but not limited to: unwrapping hives, reversing hives & spring maintenance, feeding bees , creating nucs, inspection & detection of diseases, building equipment, supering, pulling honey, extracting honey, winter preparations including moving hives, feeding & wrapping. Must be able to lift & carry 50 to 70 lbs standard & up to 100 lbs for extended periods of time. Must not have an aversion to bee stings. The ability to speak English would be beneficial but is not necessarily required. On-site housing may be available. Wages: $12.03 to $18 per hour depending on experience. A performance/production bonus may be available. Resume to: tonylalondesales@sasktel.net or: Tony Lalonde Sales (Farms) Prt o/a Lalonde Honey Farms Box 42 Clavet, SK S0K 0Y0 Attn: Dan Lalonde



Simon Lalonde
Email: tonylalondesales@sasktel.net


Importation of Bees in Saskatchewan

Important Notice:
The SBA Board is concerned about the negative impact of bees on comb approved for import into Saskatchewan. Please direct your concerns regarding the importation of bees on comb to the Honourable Lyle Stewart, or our Provincial Specialist in apiculture Geoff Wilson