Contract Research Assistant

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Contracting body:  Saskatchewan Beekeepers Development Commission (SBDC):

Research project: “Exploring Prebiotic and Probiotic Feed Supplements for Honeybees and their Impacts on Colony Health.

Location: Prince Albert, SK

The successful contractor will:
preferably have beekeeping experience and a background in science;
be able to help with driving, wrapping colonies, feeding colonies, doing colony assessments, supering, pulling honey, testing and treating hives for bee diseases including Nosema, AFB and Varroa mites;
be able to perform research tasks, including data collection, recording, note taking, data management, writing and limited reporting;
be able to process  samples  for the detection of Nosema, and Varroa mites;
assist the Principal Investigator in this project with all aspects of data collection and bee management, receive and follow directions, record and communicate activities;
assist with presentations, demonstrations, and extension of the project’s activities;
have good communication skills (written and verbal)

Contract duration:
The contract will run for 42 weeks from April 2018 – Jan 2019 with an option for renewal for two more years from April 2019- Jan 2020 and April 2020- Jan 2021.

Financial Compensation:
The contract will be negotiated based on experience and education, and may range from $18 to $20 per hour, plus applicable sales taxes, with an expected 40 hrs. of work invoiced/ week
This position is a contract position and therefore has no benefits (health coverage, dental, etc). The contractor will be responsible for reporting their self-employment income and filing sales and income taxes to relevant Government agencies. The contractor is responsible for travel to the work site and for any personal safety equipment (safety boots, back brace, knee pads etc.). Beekeeping equipment is provided by the project.
In addition there is also a possibility for additional remuneration from other term contracts for other projects with the SBDC at an hourly rate of $18- $20 per hour based on experience and education.

Send applications and resumes to:
Hannah Neil, Principal investigator, Email:
CC Simon Lalonde, SBDC president, Email:



Neil, Hannah


Importation of Bees in Saskatchewan

Important Notice:
The SBA Board is concerned about the negative impact of bees on comb approved for import into Saskatchewan. Please direct your concerns regarding the importation of bees on comb to the Honourable Lyle Stewart, or our Provincial Specialist in apiculture Geoff Wilson