Saskatchewan Beekeepers Development Commission

Linda Haggerty
Box 22083 Wildwood, Saskatoon, SK S7H 5P
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Feel free to contact one of our board.

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone looking to apply for employment with Saskatchewan beekeepers MUST send their applications directly to the company posting "help wanted" ads (e.g., our classifieds, Saskjobs, Canadian Honey Council, Western Producer, etc.). The SBA or SBDC cannot process / post applications received to this website or email address. Thank you.

Because of the volume of spam and unscrupulous phishing activity we have been experiencing, we have removed the "contact us" form from the website. We will attempt to find a solution to this, but in the meantime, please use the email address above if you wish to contact us through email. Thank you. Looking to contact the Saskatchewan Beekeepers' Association?

International Code for Marking Queens

White  Yellow  Red  Green  Blue
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 1/6  2/7  3/8  4/9  5/0
 When  You  Re-Queen  Get the  Best
 Warned  You  Require  Gloves  Be