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Canadian Beekeepers' Practical Handbook to Bee Biosecurity and Food Safety
Prepared by Svenja Belaoussoff for the CHC
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We would like to request your assistance with the final stages of the APIARY National Occupational Framework. Producers from your Association have volunteered their time to help create detailed descriptions of what people need to do and know to be successful for key roles in a farm operation:

    1. Apiary labourer – entry
    2. Apiary worker – experienced
    3. Supervisor
    4. Manager

Your help is critical to ensure that the information is accurate and complete!  WHY?

By capturing the tasks involved for the four distinct roles within Apiary, this information will be used to create Job Ads, Job Descriptions, Interviewing Questions, On-the-Job-Training, Performance Management and e-Learning tools which will serve as a benchmark against which to recruit, select, train and develop employees. These are tools being developed for your sector and you can find out what experts like yourself have identified as best practices and expectations. These tools will be available to you through your Association.

Four surveys have been prepared.  You can complete one or more of the surveys – it’s your choice and each survey focuses on 1 of the 4 roles.  What is really important is that the person completing the survey has an in-depth understanding of what a person needs to know and do to be successful so we invite you to send the invitation to members of your staff as well.

Apiary Labourer:

Apiary Worker:

Apiary Supervisor/Technician:

Apiary Manager/Apiarist:

Each survey will walk you through two documents:

        1. National Occupational Standard:  a list of the tasks organized by major task areas – representing what the person needs to do.
        2. Competency Profile:  a collection of competencies and related observable behaviours required to successful carry out the identified tasks.

Each survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.  It is highly recommended that each survey is completed in one sitting. However, you can complete the survey in more than one sitting provided you are the only person using your computer to complete this survey.

Note: The survey will be available online from January 4 to January 18, 2017.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Confidentiality and Privacy

The information you provide will be confidential and combined with other responses during the reporting phase. The raw data will be reviewed and compiled by an external consultant and will not be distributed to any third-party organizations.

All sections of the survey are optional, however the more information you provide the more accurate the results of the survey. If you provide your contact information at the end of the survey, you may be approached by the external consultant or by the Canadian Agricultural Human Resources Council for further involvement in this project. Your information will be stored separately from the rest of the data collected in the survey to ensure the confidentiality of your responses. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Tracy Biernacki-Dusza, Project Manager, 613-745-7457 x225.

Thank you again for your valuable input.

Do you have a bee swarm in your yard. Check out this article.

Are you new to or interested in beekeeping? Check out this article.

Are you looking for honey, products of the hive, pollination services? You can find beekeepers in your area by clicking on one of the two lists in this article.

HELP! I have a swarm of bees in my yard, house, garage!


If you have wasps or non-honey bees, you are responsible for removing them and arranging for an exterminator. If you have honey bees, here are the steps you should take: 

  1. Identify the type of bee - the Regina & District Bee Club has a great identification tool on their website. Here’s the link: There's a quick-pic sampling for you to start above; you can also find identification tools via an internet search.
  2. If you have honey bees, then you can try contacting your region’s bee club. They may have someone willing and able to remove and rescue the honey bees:
    1. Saskatoon Bee Club: Use the club’s “Contact Us” page on their website:
    2. Regina & District Bee Club: Contact the club’s President, Yens Pedersen at 306-540-3111 or email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. If you live within the City of Saskatoon, you can contact the City Parks Division at (306) 975-3300.  The City of Saskatoon works with local beekeepers to secure swarms that are not inside a building within the city limits. If bees have moved into a building, the City recommends that you call an exterminator.

Please note that a bee swarm (a colony that has left its original hive) is a very large mass of bees congregating on a tree, fence, etc. If you have bees entering a leaving an enclosed space or you can see the nest, then you have a nest of bees on your property. If you see any number of bees flying and feeding, you don't have a swarm - you have a number of bees visiting your yard to feed on your yummy apple blossoms (or whatever flower is in bloom). They will leave your yard and take the pollen or nectar back to their hive, and will have pollinated your "crop".

If you do have either a swarm or a nest, the bees are honey bees and you cannot find someone to relocate the bees (or if the bees are not honey bees) and you cannot find a way to convince the bees to evacuate the location, you will have to make arrangements to have them exterminated, especially if they pose a health or safety concern. If you have more questions, contact the Provincial Apiculturist, Geoff Wilson - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or (306) 953-2304. 


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