SBA Technology Adaptation Team (TAT)

Program Lead: Graham Parsonstatteam2012 (middle) (UPDATE: Graham has left the TAT team, but is not far away! He has accepted the position of Government of Saskatchewan Apiculture Intern. Thanks for all the great work you did with the TAT, Graham, and it's good to know you're still close by!
Research Assistant: Jessica Morris (right) (UPDATE: Jess has left the TAT team, to move on to other challenges and adventures. Thanks, Jess, for your dedication and hard work. SBA wishes you all the best!
Project Support: Geoff Wilson (left)

A new TAT has been selected and we will introduce you to the new team soon.

The Saskatchewan Beekeepers Association Technology Adaptation Team (TAT) is our response to the challenges currently facing the province's beekeepers.  Through funding made available through Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture's Agriculture Development Fund (ADF), AAFC and Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture's Agricultural Demonstration of Practices and Technologies (ADOPT), Saskatchewan Beekeepers Development Commission (SBDC), Alberta Beekeepers Association, and other funding sources, Saskatchewan beekeepers are able to perform research in their own region to work toward a better understanding of the science of beekeeping.

Among the objectives of the TAT program are adapting disease and pest management techniques and best management practices developed in other locations to the Saskatchewan environment.  Much of the research to date was developed in areas with different climates and extended opportunity for disease control. Treatments that may be temperature, humidity and duration sensitive may not work as intended or expected in the prairie environment.  In many cases this can and has resulted in disease control failure and subsequent colony losses. TAT helps to address some of these challenges.

The TAT Program also has a large extension component.  Collaboration with, distribution to and presentation of materials for beekeepers is an important component of the project. This close connection helps to ensure that the project is timely, relevant and industry driven.

SBA-TAT PROJECTS (a complete listing of projects is coming soon):

Hive Health, Colony Mortality and Productivity


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