To become a member of the SBDC download the Membership & Permission to Post Form below, fill it out and send the forms and payment to our SBDC Office. Memberships are payable to Saskatchewan Beekeepers Development Commission. 

Click Form for a Printable pdf Membership Renewal & Permission to Post Form.

Membership dues in the Saskatchewan Beekeepers Development Commission are based on the number of colonies you operate. 


SBDC Membership and Dues 2016

**# of Colonies includes Wintering Nucs
# of Colonies** Membership Cost
Associate Member (non-beekeeper - receives free classifieds & newsletter)  $95
200 or less colonies  $95
201 - 1600 colonies  $0.60/Colony
1601+ colonies  $960


Membership year runs Jan 1 - Dec 31. Current year memberships are due March 31st.


  • SBDC Members may have their Contact Information posted on the producers list and indicate that they are producers that sell honey, other products of the hive, and/or other beekeeping related products/services
  • SBDC Members receive free business card size ad in our Newsletter
  • SBDC Members may have their Classified Ads posted at no cost on this website and in our Newsletter
  • SBDC Members receive our quarterly newsletter (includes information about where to buy bees and supplies)
  • SBDC holds an annual Field Annual Day (usually hosted at a members apiary)
  • SBDC holds an annual Convention at a large venue (e.g., Radisson Saskatoon) over a 3-day period; includes trade show tables and quality speakers and presenters
  • SBDC Members may gain assistance with the Bear Fence subsidy program
  • SBDC Members may participate in the Advance Payments Program
  • SBDC members receive full benefit from work of the SBA at the provincial level (i.e., honey production insurance through SCIC)
  • SBDC members receive full benefit from work of the CHC at the national and international level (ie. EUR (Emergency Use Registration) of Apivar; legal use of oxalic and formic acid, etc.)
  • SBDC members receive the CHC quarterly HiveLights magazine; SBA updates CHC with its current membership list by June each year
  • SBDC members receive updates to changes and requirements of SAWP and the TFW programs


Importation of Bees in Saskatchewan

Important Notice:
The SBA Board is concerned about the negative impact of bees on comb approved for import into Saskatchewan. Please direct your concerns regarding the importation of bees on comb to the Honourable Lyle Stewart, or our Provincial Specialist in apiculture Geoff Wilson