The Agri-Food Act, 2004
 The Beekeepers Development Plan Regulations

The Saskatchewan Beekeepers Development Commission , pursuant to the provisions of The Beekeepers Development Plan Regulations and The Agri-Food Act, 2004 hereby determines and orders that:

 1.   A request for a refund of the check-off shall:

       a. be made in writing on a form that is provided by the Commission; and
       b. contain the following information:
            i. the beekeeper's name;
            ii. the beekeeper's mailing address and telephone number;
            iii. the legal description of the land on which the beekeeper has colonies in production; and
            iv. any specifics of the refund request.

2.   Requests for a refund that are received by the Commission at its head office, within the time periods stated in subsection 24(1) of the Plan shall be considered by the Commission, and the beekeeper will be entitled to a refund in respect to the check-off in question.

3.   This order will remain in effect for a period no longer than 10 years beyond the date this order is approved by the Council.

Order No. 03/06 is made pursuant to sections 21 and of The Beekeepers Development Plan Regulations and shall be effective on, from and after the first day of April, 2006. By order of the Saskatchewan Beekeepers Development Commission.



Importation of Bees in Saskatchewan

Important Notice:
The SBA Board is concerned about the negative impact of bees on comb approved for import into Saskatchewan. Please direct your concerns regarding the importation of bees on comb to the Honourable Lyle Stewart, or our Provincial Specialist in apiculture Geoff Wilson