Please submit project proposals to the SBDC. Allow sufficient time for SBDC Board, and a possible second party, review (at least several months prior to application deadline is best). Projects are to be completed within one year although multiple year applications will be considered.
Please submit an electronic version and one hard copy to the SBDC Office.

1. Principal investigator

Email address
Collaborating individuals/institutions

2. Project Description
Total proposed budget
Objectives of the project
Location of project
Anticipated economic or other benefits

3. Budget
(Note: overhead, institutional or administrative costs and the purchase of capital assets are not acceptable)
Salaries and benefits
Equipment (non-expendables)
Supplies (expendables)
Travel and other expenses

4. Timetable
Provide an estimate of the work schedule

5. Matching Funding
Indicate funding available from other sources, if any, to accomplish the work described.