Establishment Date: April 1, 2006

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The Beekeepers Development Plan Regulations: Download here

The Agri-Food Act, 2004: Download Here

The Saskatchewan Beekeepers Development Commission's role is to administer the Beekeepers Development Plan. The purpose of the Beekeepers Plan is to develop the bee and bee products industry in Saskatchewan.

    The specific purposes of the beekeepers plan are:
    • to assist in the development and promotion of bees and bee products in the domestic and international marketplaces;
    • to conduct and encourage research on:

              (i) the production, market development and processing of bees and bee products; and
              (ii) the consumption of bee products;

    • to develop procedures to maximize returns to registered beekeepers;
    • to advise governments on matters pertaining to bees and bee products research and development;
    • to gather, compile and distribute information related to the production, consumption and market development of bees and bee products;
    • to encourage the production of uniformly high-quality bees and bee products;
    • to promote harmony and communication within the bee and bee products industry;
    • to initiate and implement advertising programs, sales promotion programs and consumer education programs to expand awareness and demand for bees and bee products;
    • to establish a system of collecting check-offs on the production, marketing or production and marketing of bees and bee products for the purpose of carrying out the objectives of the beekeepers plan;
    • and to work in co-operation with any persons or organizations that have objectives similar to those of the beekeepers plan.

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