Thank you to all our members who were able to join us for the 2021 SBDC Convention in person and virtually.  We hope you enjoyed our event and we look forward to see you all at Field Day 2022 .  Date and Location to be Announced.

Pollinator Health Research Chair

The creation of the Pollinator Health Research Chair is an amazing opportunity for increased research into bee health in the province of Saskatchewan.   There is no greater gift than having an in province program that is examining issues related to bees and bee health in our our own geographical  region.

The Saskatchewan Beekeepers Development Commission would like to express our sincere gratitude to the following donors that have graciously donated to the Pollinator Health Research Chair.  Your generosity has brought us one step closer to making our dreams a reality!

  • Dennis Glennie & Janine Meyer

  • Lalonde Honey Farms

  • SJ Beez

  • Wendell Honey

  • Wink Howland Memorial Fund

  • Geoff Wilson

Funding Required to make our dream a reality $750,000.00

                                                              Raised                    Required

SBDC Funding                                   $  78,200.00             $250,000.00

WCVM Funding                                 $500,000.00             $500,000.00



TAP Team & Research

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