Beekeeping Equipment (2017 Extracting line, trailer, honey supers + more)

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Please see pictures for description and pricing. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

All honey supers AFB free!
Honey Supers Regular
Partially Drawn Permadent Supers
Undrawn Permadent
Partially Crystallized Honey
Regular Brood Chambers. No feed.
Nuc Supers Empty
Nuc Brood Chambers
Drone comb
Culled Boxes with culled but very useable frames
Culled Boxes with empty foundationless frames
Culled boxes with no frames
Odd Sized Boxes
Nuc Bottom Boards used
Nuc Lids used
Winter wrap top entrance covers for two nucs, new
Winter wrap top entrance covers for two nucs, used
Used nuc entrance reducers in storage
Styrofoam insulation for insulated lids, new
New Slightly Weathered Empty Drums
2017 120 frame extractor with air assist
2017 Deboxer
2017 slit uncapper
2017 Jacketed Sump
2017 Wax Press
2017 Box return
2017 Top and BB Cleaner
2004 Wax Melter
2017 Wax Melter
Queen Rearing Cages with frames
Oxalic Vaporizers
Oxalic Batteries Deep Cycle
24' trailer with syrup set up