2024 – 4 Frame Honey Bee Nucs

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$ 300.00

Available spring 2024, 4 frame nucs in a weather resistant corrugated cardboard nuc box. Inspected by Saskatchewan Provincial Apiarist, certificate available on request. Nuc will have a laying accepted imported Carniolan queen, a minimum of two frames of brood, one frame with feed and one drawn comb. Queens can be marked for a nominal charge.
A $50.00 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your nuc until pickup in late May. Supply limited, first come first served. In the event that we can not fulfill your order the refund will be returned to you. We will contact you with more specific dates later as dates will be dependent on spring weather.
Terms are e-transfer or cash or by credit card or PayPal on our secure website.
Pick ups will be arranged for early mornings at our farm 45 minutes north west of Saskatoon. If you're interested, visit our website struanroad.com or text 306 280 9726 or email sales@struanroad.com for more details.