Consultation on a national plant and animal health strategy

Federal, provincial and territorial ministers of agriculture endorsed the Emergency Management Framework for Agriculture in Canada in July 2016. Included in this endorsement was the development of a national plant and animal health strategy as a key deliverable for the Framework.

A national plant and animal health strategy will bring FPT governments, industry and other stakeholders together to collaboratively improve how risks to Canada’s plant and animal resources are addressed. The strategy will be most effective if it reflects the combined thinking of everyone who plays a role in plant and animal health. To that end, FPT governments have launched stakeholder engagement to inform the development of the strategy, and you are invited to take part.

To participate in the web-based consultation, you can read a discussion document online and respond to the questions that you will find throughout. Your participation will contribute to the collection of ideas that will help shape a national plant and animal health strategy.

To facilitate the collaborative development of the strategy, we want to build on and mobilize the existing efforts for plant and animal health in Canada. Therefore, if there are relevant strategies or initiatives within your sector that could inform the development of the plant and animal health strategy, please share them with us.

Follow us on Twitter @CFIA_Canada and join the conversation using the hashtag #CanPAH. Please contact if you have any questions about the engagement or if you would like to request the discussion document in an alternative format.

We look forward to hearing from you!