New to/Interested in Beekeeping

Interested In or New to Beekeeping?

  1. Saskatchewan Beekeepers Development Commission, in cooperation with the Saskatoon Bee Club and Regina and District Bee Club, offers annual Introductory Beekeeping courses in late May/early June. Check the SBDC website in the spring – course information is posted to the website as soon as the SBDC arranges the date and location details. These courses are your best, first step to learning what you need to know. Take this course at least once before you enter the world of beekeeping.
  2. No matter what size of operation you have, you MUST register your bees with the Provincial Apiarist, Prince Albert, SK. Registration is free and the Provincial Apiarist will help you keep your bees healthy and in compliance. Contact Geoff Wilson,, phone: 306-953-2304.
  3. Membership in the SBDC is a great way for large and small beekeepers to support the Commission and the great work done on the industry’s behalf. The SBDC newsletter is “the” Saskatchewan beekeepers’ resource for current information, event news, and equipment and service business sources. Check out the membership page for the membership form and list of benefits: If you have any questions, contact
  4. The SBDC Board has compiled a “starter information package”, which lists equipment and prices for several sizes of beekeeping operations. This package will give you an idea of what equipment you will need and what it will cost you for equipment and operations. Click one of the three following cost estimate links: For 2 hivesFor 12 hivesFor 40 hives.
  5. Keep up to date with Beelines – SK Ministry of Agriculture’s bee newsletter. For example, the Spring 2015 issue provides disease control recommendations as well as bee and queen importation protocols. You can’t go wrong reading these newsletters! Click here.
  6. Join one of the two main Saskatchewan bee clubs:
    1. Do you live in the Regina district and keep bees? Then you need to belong to the Regina & District Bee Club! Check out their website:
    2. Do you live in the Saskatoon district and keep bees? Then you need to belong to the Saskatoon Bee Club! Check out their website:
  7. If your operation is 100 colonies or larger, you MUST register with Saskatchewan Beekeepers Development Commission. Click on the Commission’s Check-Off Collection page for information from the Agri-Food Act and Development Plan. View Check-off Form. If you have any questions, contact
  8. There are several books that are known to be the best references for beekeepers in the western Canadian region: CAPA Honey Bee Diseases and Pests (available online – and – Beekeeping in Western Canada (available online$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/agdex38). They may also be available at bee supply stores in Saskatchewan.