Message to SAWP users to Contact Vacation World ASAP

August 24, 2020

Good afternoon,

We have been advised that commercial flights will be extremely limited for the rest of the year. To be able to plan the return of your workers, we are trying to assess what dates will be premium for workers to travel.

Dependent of those results will allow us to explore the possibility of a one-way charter from Calgary to Mexico City, which requires 149 workers to participate, with the availability of onward connections within Mexico.

We are aware of all your workers that have arrived; however, we need their intendent return date to offer you and the worker the best price possible.

There will be no increased lift to Mexico City from Canada that currently exists. Some dates in October, November and December are already fully taken.

Due to lack of inventory on seats at reasonable prices,  we urge you to contact us ASAP by email for any return dates you are anticipating sending your workers home.

Based on the current schedules and available seats, returns will be harder to secure than the arrivals, nevertheless once the tickets are issued, they will be protected at that rate.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Vacation World Travel
205-5809 Macleod Trail South
Calgary, Alberta   Canada T2H 0J9
Phone: (403) 265-0431 // Fax: (403) 290-1423

**All fares are subject to availability and may change w/o notice.**