New Alberta Agriculture Bee Health App

Dear Apiculturists

Alberta Agriculture has developed an app for “Bee Health”. Phase I of the “Bee Health” app is released. It focuses on bee diseases symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options. It is developed for iOS and Android platforms. It can be download to iPhone, Samsung phone family and iPad. To download to iPad, you need to use the iPhone only option for down loading.

We are currently working on the second phase that will include diagnoses of diseases based on symptoms. It will also include an interactive feature to communicate with Alberta registered beekeepers It will facilitate bee diseases diagnostics, and communication to provide recommendations on line. Pictures can be emailed to Alberta apiculture staff for assistance in diagnoses. Broadcasting warnings of pest outbreaks will also be included.  All reports and findings will be recorded in the provincial bee pest surveillance database.

Please help yourself and download the app.  To find the app, search App Store or Google Play store for “bee health” or follow this link:

Please share with beekeepers community. Hey it is free for all.

If you have any comments please contact

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Dr. Medhat Nasr
Provincial Apiculturist
Crop Research and Extension Division
Crop Diversification Centre North
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Edmonton, AB, Canada T5Y 6H3
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