Saskatchewan Craft Council – Bee exhibit “Continuous”

Love bees? Well then, you have between October 7 through November 19 to check out an exhibit at Saskatchewan Craft Council that will take you on a walk through the hive! An excerpt from the News Release: “Created by multi-media artist Monique Martin – Continuous must be experienced. Your eyes are grabbed by the floor-to-ceiling linocut prints consisting of 45,000 hexagons, and approximately 4,000 bees on 1,200 square feet of paper. Your other senses are engaged by the scent of beeswax and the sound of humming that fills the air. Walking through this paper beehive encourages you to see yourself linked to the history, life cycles, and health of bees.” For the entire News Release, go to: and for the Craft Council’s webpage on this exhibit go to: You can attend the artist’s talk on Thursday, October 20. Here’s a picture of what you can expect to see: