Standing Committee recommendations for TFW Program

The review of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program has been completed by the Standing Committee and was submitted to Parliament this week.  There are very few changes that directly impact the Ag-stream sector of the TFWP process.  The recommendations that seem will most impact beekeepers are highlighted below:

  • No direct changes to SAWP;
  • Removal of Cumulative Duration rule (4-in-4-out): Recommendation 18;
  • Review the Labour Market Impact Assessment application process, with a view to increasing speed and efficiency: Recommendation 2;
  • Better interdepartmental communications: Recommendation 17

If you are interested in reading the entire report, they can be found at the link below, and the findings and conclusion begin on Page 27:

Please note that these are recommendations that were made to Parliament by the Standing Committee, and that parliament can accept, reject, or modify any and all these recommendations; the Ministers office has 120 days to review and comment.  Further, no time limit has been placed on how long it would take to implement any changes.  We are hopeful that in regards to the 4-in-4-out rule that it would be prior to 2018.

The report also mentions making it easier to apply for residency for TFW’s.  The federal and provincial governments would prefer to have TFW’s apply for, and be granted residency status.

Please note that there are currently no changes to the TFWP or SAWP, and therefore you must apply for your TFW’s in the same process as past years.