Establishment of Saskatchewan's First Research Chair to Pollinator Health

One of the keys to success in the Canadian beekeeping industry moving forward is timely, targeted research that can explore the most pressing issues to bee health in real time in our own back yard. There is no substitute for having research conducted in our own geographical region, with our own bees and our own unique set or challenges.

It is with great pleasure the Western College of Veterinary Medicine and Saskatchewan Beekeeping Development Commission  announces the creation of  a tenured “Saskatchewan’s First Research Chair Dedicated to Pollinator Health”  at the University of Saskatchewan.

President Nathan Wendell commented “This is very exciting news for our industry.  It will undoubtedly serve to strengthen and grow an already exceptional research community in Saskatchewan that is focused on bee health. ”

Funding required to make our vision a reality:

In order to see this position come to fruition, the WCVM must raise $750,000.00 to cover the first five years if the position, after which time all expenses become the responsibility of the University of Saskatchewan.

After much discussion, the Board of SBDC determined that this was an opportunity that we could not pass up and unanimously decided to commit $250,000.00 of funding to this project over the first five years of the position.

Total Funds raised to date:
    • SBDC      $ 73,200.00       Total funds required  $250,000.00
    • WCVM    $ 500,00.00       Total funds required  $500,000.00

If you would like more information on donating to this exciting project – click on the link:  Request for donation